Your skin after Covid 19

We have seen since the beginning of the pandemic the number of people who have suffered due to this virus. Many deaths and many affected who manage to save themselves. Until recently, after conducting certain studies, scientific doctors have realized that this virus leaves sequelae in people who suffer from it. Such as neurological, muscular, cardiological sequelae, thromboembolism and skin sequelae.

Practically, as soon as the virus enters your body, it takes on the task of ruining your life. Attack your immune system to a level never seen before and in a matter of days. For this article, I didn’t have to do much research. A few months ago, I was infected with covid-19 and to this day I have not been able to “totally fix” what the virus has done to my body and my skin. In my case, it was a single day of sneezing, like when you get a fatal flu.

The next day, the sneezing stopped and as if nothing had happened. On the third day, my sense of smell was completely gone and the food tasted strange to me. I only felt the salt and sugar, but not the taste of the food. Pretend you are eating tablespoons of salt or sugar. Then comes the pain. Body pain is so horrible that not even water can touch your skin without feeling ripped, it is muscle pain, bone pain, and joint pain. In my case, the pain also extends to the kidneys, unbearable.

The fever is so intense that you cannot stop taking medicine to control it, your body sinks into a deep fatigue that does not allow you to raise even a hand, and the heart rate shoots up like crazy every time you try to exert yourself. The body sweats cold and after a week, they just begin to feel better.

Of course, each case is different. The funny thing about all this is that the diet you must follow to fight the virus is completely healthy. No sugar, no fat, no meat … Rather, vegetables, fruit, fish and chicken, drink a lot of water and not only water, but also whey. Despite this, your skin is shattered.
Covid-19 ages 20 years in 2 weeks. After suffering it and recovering, when your body no longer has a viral load, you must still follow your diet based on vegetables and fruits, vitamins, fish, etc. For at least 6 more months, so that your body can recover.

Now, what I have had to do to regain some hydration is to reinforce the moisturizer in my skin, not to expose myself to the sun for more than 10 minutes and with sunscreen, take whey protein instead of water. Also, when I get out of the shower, I put on some natural glycerin when my skin is still wet and let it soak in, this locks in moisture. I have put a humidifier in my house to keep the air with some humidity. I have made a mixture of aloe vera and water in a spray container and sprayed it on me several times a day. Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the middle of spring and that it is warmer.

My skin has improved a lot by following these steps. My contagion was in January and it has taken me these two months to regain some of the hydration in my skin. This can work for you if your skin has also been through this catastrophe. Strengthens the hydration of your skin internally and externally. And don’t stop eating healthy.


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