What vitamins should be consumed to avoid gray hair

Gray hair is one of the things that women detest the most. Why? Well, because they involve reaching adulthood. I mean, aging. Although for many people gray hair is not a problem, for others it is. Gray hair is high in melanin, responsible for giving skin to hair, body hair, iris of the eye and skin.

It is important to specify that there are several types of gray: physiological, premature, annular and poliosis. Physiological grayness is what is related to the aging process. In which gray hair appears first on the temples and then spreads to the rest of the head. Premature graying usually appears before the age of 20, and can even appear in childhood. Annular grayness is evidenced when gray hair appears isolated and scattered throughout the head. Although clumps of white hair can also form. And finally, gray poliosis is characterized by the appearance of gray hair in very localized areas, forming a white spot. Either on the head, eyebrows and even eyelashes.

One of the things that many believe is that gray hair appears only from aging, which is not true. Aging is not the only factor that causes them. Stress, for example, also affects the appearance of gray hair. Many people choose to use dyes to cover gray hair, but the reality is that dyes have many chemicals that end up damaging the hair so much that they remove all signs of life. Not to mention that they are products that are harmful to the environment. Milk, eggs, chicken, fish, broccoli and avocado are foods rich in vitamin B5, which contains multiple benefits to improve hair and skin tone. Not to mention its characteristics to heal wounds and avoid scars.

Vitamin B is present in carrots, cauliflower, fish, beef, and chicken. Its consumption helps prevent the appearance of gray hair and reduces sugar levels. Another of the vitamins that you can include in your diet to avoid gray hair is vitamin B1, which helps with the production of melanin, improves metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system. You can find it in nuts, seeds, raisins, corn, and legumes.


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