The Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth, the secret finally revealed?

My grandmother always told me that she was eternally young and beautiful and that if I followed her advice, I would be too. She died 12 years ago at the age of 110 sleeping in her bed. We were very close and for a long time I was angry about his death and because I felt that he had lied to me, but only recently did I understand what he had wanted to tell me. I have seen many people, mostly women, who are always worried about looking younger and thinner, without worrying about what they put on the body. The fountain of eternal youth is what many of us would like to have, and no, Ponce de Leon does not count. Doing my research here and there, I came to the conclusion that the fountain of youth is in the knowledge.


Perhaps you have already heard more than twice about the importance of knowing how to eat well, exercise and stay active, here I will tell you again. Maybe you need to hear it one more time.


The world in which we live today has largely lost its “humanity”, the different industries that exist (food, cosmetics, etc.) have focused more on profits than on the welfare of their consumers. Everything has become more crooked and rotten and it is more difficult to be able to trust what we buy in stores.

Processed foods are those products altered by the addition of substances such as sugar, salt, oils, preservatives, etc. that change the nature of the original foods, in order to prolong their duration, make them more palatable and more attractive for consumption. . The large amounts of these additives, plus the low level of nutrients, cause those serious diseases that we think are due to aging, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, digestive problems , cancer, decreased metabolic rate and well, an endless number of others.

Many think that getting old means starting to suffer from all these diseases until death. When the reality is that the human body, when consuming this kind of food, is not receiving the vitamins and minerals it needs. In Mexico and Chile they have added a new labeling to these products where it says that they have excesses, whether of salt, sugar, sodium, calories, saturated fat, etc. This, to get people to choose and change their healthier eating style, and it has paid off! This new labeling has made the consumption of organic products grow by 53% in Mexico.


There are some vitamins and essential fatty acids that our body does not produce on its own and that do not stay there either, which means that we must consume them daily to avoid deficiencies.

It is known that in the beginning of time, human beings were only vegan. They ate fruits and vegetables, it was not until after the flood that God allowed us to eat meat, but not because we needed it, but because human beings had already begun to kill animals to eat them, it was for this reason that they were allowed to eat meat only of certain animals, for example, animals that ate only grass or plants.


It is true that aging is inevitable, but the damage that this can cause to our cellular health if it is possible to counteract them.

Each vitamin, mineral or fatty acid has a vitally important function in our organism, if we consume the necessary amount daily, these diseases will not be a problem for us. Exercising is another method to keep you young and active, my 100-year-old grandmother still worked the land, cultivated and picked her own vegetables. He played hide and seek with me, he was a person who lived his mature times to the full. We usually see people in their 70s, hunched over and taking pills. She always detests medicine, one of the things she told me the most was “Medicine comes from a natural remedy, why take pills, if there is already a natural remedy?”

My grandmother did not suffer from diabetes, hypertension, or cancer…. On two occasions I saw her sick with a cold and taking herbal teas, honey and natural remedies such as honey with onion and garlic. It sounds gross, I know. In her days there was no internet and she had no way to search for information, but her lifestyle kept her healthy and young. In the mornings, he would go for a run and occasionally do aerobic movements in her backyard. We don’t need hours in a gym to stay in shape, as many believe. Just be active for at least 30 minutes and you choose the mode. Going out on a bicycle, running along the seashore or the city, hiking, whatever suits you best.


This will help you keep your bones, muscles and all joints in good working order, with the necessary lubrication, and being active makes your metabolism work properly. You avoid digestive problems, such as slow transit.

You must know that mental health is also very important, who can sleep well, knowing that they have committed something wrong? or who can sleep well, being all full of stress?


Stress is the worst enemy of our body, mind and spirit.

One of the ways to be at peace with yourself is meditation, although it may sound taboo, meditation reduces levels of stress, anxiety and improves mental well-being. It helps your mind to be more calm, improves your emotional stability because it helps you learn to maintain a state of full consciousness and calm. It improves and facilitates the quality of your sleep, the moment of sleep is like a mirror of how your mind has been throughout your day, meditating you will be able to easily fall asleep and rest fully. And the best thing is that the next day, you woke up with much more energy. It also helps to improve your concentration, meditating helps you to be aware of the present moment, to focus the thought and think about the now. Meditating makes you feel much more positive about life, in your day to day, accepting and facing what comes as part of the cycle of personal growth. It makes you even a more empathetic person.

My grandmother constantly told me that being connected with God and being in tune with him was the most important thing in life. He asked me to strive every day of my life to be the best version of myself, to give my best every day and to take care of myself as much as I could, in order to be able to spend more time with the people I love. The fountain of youth is in having knowledge, knowing the damage that all these synthetic and chemical things cause us, the fountain of youth is not in those foods that claim to be “thought” about your well-being, because it is not like that. Those companies are focused on your consuming more and more of their products and nothing else.


The fountain of youth is in you, is to make a single decision. That of living fully well, being a person full of life and with the will to live. I barely understood what my grandmother told me about her being eternally beautiful and young. She chose to be well, which allowed her to live a healthy life without diseases equal to youth, allowed her to live a longer life and spend more time with her loved ones, enjoy them more.


Choose to be good with yourself, choose to feel good and full of vitality. Choose to be young even in your mature years, to feel young is to be fine.



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