The curse ofthe "Western Diet"

Acne and obesity problems are diseases of today that can be related to certain foods such as dairy, junk food, and egg protein. These foods work together to increase the activity of the enzyme mTORC1, or mTOR, which regulates cell growth and metabolism. This enzyme has a great impact on cells, including controlling cell growth, division, movement, and recycling, as well as stimulating
protein formation, genetic messaging, and cell survival.

An overproduction of mTOR creates acne, obesity and cancer problems.This enzyme called the “engine of aging” controls cell growth and production. While this enzyme is a vital need in the early years, higher levels in adulthood are detrimental to the body. As we mentioned before, an overproduction of this enzyme causes acne problems, obesity, but it is also related to a high risk of cancer and even premature death. In a study conducted, in 100 prostate cancer cases examined, mTOR was present in higher amounts. As in breast cancer.

In order to avoid this problem, the following is recommended:

Clearly, this enzyme must be suppressed, this not only helps reduce the risk of disease but also increases the possibility of living longer. An effective way to suppress this enzyme is to limit animal protein in the diet. It is all due to the amino acid leucine, which is found mostly in large quantities in animal products such as dairy, eggs, meat, chicken and fish, these are the promoters of this enzyme.This is when vegans scream with joy, the best option to suppress the mTOR enzyme is to adopt a 100% vegan diet. If this is almost impossible for you, at least reduce the amount of these foods.

Some of the foods that are beneficial for suppressing mTOR are Brussels sprouts, broccoli, arugula, cabbage, cauliflower, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, grapes, green tea, onions, soybeans, and turmeric. All of these can decrease the production of this enzyme. On the other hand, avoid eating calories in excess, the combination of calories and animal products, mTOR increases without stopping. When there is a shortage of these two foods, this enzyme enters a phase called autophagy, this process cleanses and renews cells.

Reducing the production of this enzyme means having a better state of health, a slimmer waist and enviable skin, in addition to a longer life. Interesting right




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