Although the functioning of the human body seems to be very complicated for us to understand, the reality is that it only asks us for basic or easy things to stay in good shape, control and maintain effective activity. As I explained in my previous post how DNA works and the repercussions of its bad care, here I bring you 5 ways to protect it and keep it working properly.

In a study conducted and published in the magazine The Journals of Gerontology, it was ensured that for a person to have benefits in their health, some important changes in lifestyle must be made.



Leading a life wrapped in stress, poor eating habits, not sleeping well, smoking or drinking alcohol, not only can a person always feel moody, tired or depressed. These habits are part of the many lifestyle factors that lead to serious health problems due to the impact they have on DNA. As I mentioned earlier, each cell contains a bit of DNA and a string of chromosomes. These chromosomes are protected at both ends by small plugs called telomeres. This kind of plug is essential to have good health and a long life.

When these are damaged (they become shorter), due to the lifestyle we lead, a person’s health can suffer serious consequences.



The goodabout all this is that telomeres react to changes you make in your lifestyle. This means that each person has the power to positively influence their own health. And as I said at the beginning, the body only asks for habits that are healthy to carry a good function.Simply perform the following actions routinely.

  • Have a balanced diet

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Exercise daily

  • Sleep well

  • Find ways to avoid stress

Simple and easy isn’t it? It seems so, but for some people who are used to leading a more sedentary life it may not be so easy. To have a balanced diet, it is necessary to go to a nutritionist for an evaluation. But trust me it will be worth it. Hand in hand with diet, your weight will be reflected. Why don’t you eat what you don’t need and what hurts you.

Exercising can be the easiest thing to do. It is not necessary to go to a gym and spend hours there. Rather, you can go for a walk or run for at least 30 minutes a day, as well as remove stress from your life. And one of the things we enjoy is resting. Sleeping well is essential for your body and mind to rest.


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