Skinmalism, New method for skin care.

Many women probably think that the more products they apply to their face, the faster the result will be. Or better. But have you ever heard the saying that “less is more”? This 2021 a new cosmetic trend has emerged based on what the world has now become. Today, there are more people who care about the environment, animals and their own health. Which is great. Within that circle of people, more cosmetic companies have adopted the same idea within their products, and we thank them forever.

In ancient days, women cared for their skin with natural products. Such as goat’s milk, dried herb mixtures, honey, among other things. Of course, in those days there were no factories where these ingredients could be supplemented to form a product itself. They had to prepare their mixes by hand and use them on the spot whenever they needed it. An example of such women is Cleopatra. A person very dedicated to the care of her beauty. Unfortunately, today people are so busy with their jobs that they forget about self-care. I know, because I already passed that way.

But it is important to understand that the body also needs constant maintenance. Ultimately, if we are not in good health, we cannot have and enjoy anything. That is why this new method consists of giving your skin only what it needs and is called “Skinmalism”.

Let’s dive a little deeper into this.

During these times of pandemic confinement, more time in front of screens, maskne and maskstress, the consumption of skin care products rose 30%. And more in the products that bet on naturalness. Feed the skin only what it needs to start its own self-healing process. Instead of over stimulating it with assets that promote the acceleration of the processes. There is no set procedure on how to follow this new routine. But you can start with a short period, like a week, to add the new habits to the routine that you already had. So we see if the skin feels comfortable with the changes.

An example of minimalism in the beauty routine is:

  1. Cleaning the face in the morning with handmade soaps. Containing lipids, borage oil and activated charcoal.

  2. Afterwards, protection with a veil that seeks to balance the microbiota, maintain hydration and defend the skin from environmental aggressions.

  3. At night, cleansing and a cream to nourish.

During the week, exfoliating at least twice would be a plus.


According to the dermatologist Pedro Rodriguez of the Healthy Skin Foundation of the AEDV, the Hospital U. La Princesa, and the International Dermatological Clinic (Madrid), a minimalist routine is based on three products: Vitamin C in the morning, a retinoid at night , and most importantly, photoprotection.

“In general, you can use the same moisturizer around the eyes as on the rest of the face, but you should always avoid treatment products (retinol, alpha hydroxy acids). The key is that the products have a good formulation and the active ingredients indicated for each one. Among the basic anti-aging active ingredients are antioxidants, retinol, growth factors to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, essential for elasticity and firmness and sun protection ”. Conclude.

In summary, a minimalist skincare routine today can be ideal so that many women who have the most of their time busy, can have the same benefits as women who spend a little more time on their beauty routines.


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