Plants and your skin

Since COVID started, we have all had to spend more time indoors. So long that surely we have already decorated up to 10 times.

Have you added indoor plants? Perfect! And if not, what are you waiting for? I will tell you why it’s absolutely advisable to add indoor plants to your home. Although many don’t know it, plants improve your quality of life within your home and improve the appearance of your skin too! Indoor plants add water molecules to the air, through perspiration, just like respiration for us.

The act of breathing of plants
is what releases water molecules into the air, in itself, plants are natural moisturizers and help keep the air in your home less dry. Especially in the cold months, which is when the heaters can aggravate the dryness in the environment. Just as plants improve the environment inside your home, they also improve the appearance of your skin, how? Plants have the ability to eliminate volatile organic compounds that many homes emit and remain trapped inside. You have to realize that plants are like filters that reduce environmental damage.


What does this mean for your skin?

More moisture in the air, more hydrated your skin. And what better when it’s filtered and in a natural way! All plants have this super magical power but some species are more recommended by dermatologists to have indoors, for example:

The lily, ivy and snake plant are the species most recommended by dermatologists. It’s important to emphasize that the plants inside the home are not a substitute for a skin cleansing routine, consider them an extra plus to keep your skin healthier and more hydrated. Having cleaner, more humidified and more oxygenated air naturally will never be something to be taken for granted, it’s definitely a win-win situation.


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