Olive Trees

Did you know that …
benefits are not only extracted from olive
trees, but also from their leaves?

Olive leaf extract has several potential health benefits. The leaves of the olive tree contain key polyphenols such as oleacin and oleuropein, these occur naturally in plants and several investigations ensure that they help protect against a variety of conditions such as heart disease or cancer. Like it reduces bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Another benefit that olive leaf extract contains is that it prevents us from gaining weight. In a study published in Chemico-Biological Interactions, two obese rats that ate a high-cholesterol diet were evaluated,administered oleuropein orallyto prevent weight gain. At 8 weeks, the rodents had less body weight, less adipose tissue, and their metabolic profiles improved. Mentioned before, it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL).

Helps reduce blood pressure, olive leaves are an antiviral compound that produces amino acids that serve to protect blood vessels, as well as reduce the risks of developing type 2 diabetes, help reverse arteriosclerosis and delay aging thanks to its excellent properties.


If you are one of those people who are not a fan of taking medications, a cup of olive leaf infusion works perfectly as an antibiotic.

Not only that, it also has astringent, antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiseptic, tranquilizing, and immune boosting properties.


But … What does it mean that the ingredients of my beauty products say “leaf extract”?

First of all, don’t panic. What this will do for your skin is that the leaf extract will prevent aging of both skin and cells, as well as improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure. The leaf extract is a magnificent supplement to maintain elasticity in the skin and make it look soft and young, it also prevents oxidative damage, produced by oxidative stress, it is well known that olive leaf extract is one of the plant hypotensive agents more active, giving the skin exceptional hydration and toning. Its antibacterial properties help reduce acne until it is completely eliminated, as well as redness problems that are caused by bacteria.


But it is precisely its high antioxidant content that makes it an excellent anti aging agent for the skin!

And do you already have your olive sapling in your garden? I bet so!



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