What difference is there?

When I realize that my skin was beginning to resent the poor care I had already given it, one of the unknowns I ran into was that my skin was very dry. I’m talking about my 16. By that age I had already done makeup for a while and the truth is that I didn’t even have cleaning habits for my face. I was very ignorant on the subject. Then I began to feel extreme dryness and no matter how much I used creams, the dryness did not go away. And I asked myself, what happens then?

In those days there were still no smartphones but there were computers and internet. So I asked the question online and got the answer. Water plays a central role in ensuring that your skin remains healthy. So it makes sense that the products promise to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Although both are key to providing the skin with the necessary nutrition, knowing the difference will help you know how to apply the correct products well and make the best decision.

Moisturize it is absorbed from the air which is then infused into cells to enhance the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients. On the other hand, nourish is about trapping and retaining moisture. In order to build the natural protective barrier of your skin. And avoid any loss of water.

If the skin is dry, it means that it needs hydration because it lacks oils and water. The skin will stay soft but if there is no oil to prevent that hydration from escaping, it will not do any good. If your skin feels prone to dry or flaky skin, your skin barrier may not be blocked by moisture. This is where moisturizers come in and do its job.

The skin has a natural lipid barrier that protects it from damage and water loss. If you are prone to dry skin it is a tell-tale sign that you are not producing enough lipid cells to form a protective barrier. So you cannot retain moisture. And that’s when nourishment comes in. A nourishment reduces the amount of water that evaporates from the skin. Minimize transepidermal water loss. They enclose and seal in moisture.

Meanwhile, if it’s a dull, dull complexion with increasingly noticeable fine lines, your skin may be struggling with dehydration.

Drinking water is and will remain the easiest way to hydrate your skin. But it could also be supplemented with a topical moisturizer that adheres and draws water into the cells. Moisturizers allow the skin to improve its ability to hydrate itself over time. So look for products that contain hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, AHAs, and marine extracts.

My recommendation will always be to go to a skin specialist for a diagnosis, and avoid experimenting with products that probably end up damaging our skin more.


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