From clothes to the kitchen, Linum Usitatissimum

In ancient times, the clothes that were used were derived from plants, especially linen. Today linseed is used to create linen flour or oil, its fiber is of great benefit to the body, since it regulates the transit of the intestine. It is a fragile-looking annual herb that grows between 40 and 100 cm tall, with linear, rigid leaves and blue-petalled flowers.


The properties that flax seeds contain are:

-Alpha linolenic acid, the father of the omega 3 family
-Lignans, fiber-like compounds that are also antioxidants as they are polyphenols
-Mucilages (arabinoxylan and galacto xylan)
-Vitamin B1
-Acetic acid , malic, ferulic, lutein and cysteine
-Docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid


Linseed protects our heart, one of the most benefited by consumption is the
cardiovascular system. They also prevent the accumulation of cholesterol and triglycerides, which prevents diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart and brain attacks. One of its properties is that of an anti-inflammatory, several studies confirm that eating dishes enriched with flax seeds reduces blood levels of c-reactive protein by 15%, an indicator of the degree of inflammation. Besides this, it also works as a treatment for autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis or lupus. Three of the lignans found in the seeds are converted by beneficial intestinal bacteria into enterolactone and enterodiol, these, after a series of regular actions in the hormonal system, produce a preventive effect against breast and prostate cancers. These also protect the genetic material from attacks by free radicals. It prevents neurological diseases thanks to its omega 3 content, studies reviews indicate that it is helpful in some cases of attention deficit and hyperactivity in children.


The mucilages contained in linseed help to soften the skin, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lighten the spots caused by the sun or oxidative stress, eliminate the toxins that generate acne breakouts, as well as its acetic acid content, Malic, Ferulic, Lutein and Cysteine help repair and protect the skin from premature aging!


The best way to consume linseed is its natural seed, the covering that contains the seed is full of fiber and is not at all annoying. They are very small seeds like chia. And it can be consumed in the same way, whether in yogurts, smoothies, cereals, toasts, etc. Currently, we find more products based on flaxseed, flaxseed bread, flours, etc. At our fingertips!


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