Learn how to choose the ideal sunscreen for you

Summer is just around the corner and that is when the shelves in stores are filled with many types of sunscreen. What is the first thing you do when you stand in front of them? Surely you ask yourself a thousand questions like which one should I choose? SPF 15, 20 or 30? Waterproof or not? and well … many questions. Stop worrying or you will go bald, here I summarize what would be your best option depending on your needs. There are many things we must do now to be protected from the sun’s rays and avoid damage, but it is necessary to take this care to avoid premature photoaging, or skin cancer.

Tips to take into account when choosing a sunscreen

● Check that the sunscreen is broad spectrum, if the product does not specify that it has a UVA + UVB filter and only says “SPF 15”, don’t take it since the quality of the product may be very simple and may not protect you as it should.

● Another important piece of information is what type of filter you should choose. Many believe that the higher the indicated SPF, the more it protects you from damage, but the reality is that it only differs by 2 percent in each one.
FPS 15 / 93.3%
FPS 30 / 96.7%
FPS 50/98%
It never reaches 100% and choosing an SPF 50 gives us the feeling of being completely protected when we’re not, therefore we must not lower our guard when being exposed to the sun, even if its an SPF 50, this doesn’t mean that it will not be necessary to fix it, because it is. This is because to reach the percentage that indicates protection, the amount that we must apply would be enormous and, let’s be honest, nobody applies so much sunscreen, in addition to this, if you are in contact with water, even more so you should touch up more often. Attention! Not because you have already applied sunscreen means that you can be exposed to the sun without any problem, it is highly recommended that you wear a hat that can protect you or clothing that protects you from UVA / UVB rays. Like I told you before, don’t let your guard down.

● The sunscreens that are water resistant don’t necessarily give you the guarantee that it will not fall off when you have contact with water, although they are a bit more resistant than the others, this doesn’t mean that you should not touch it up.

● There are sunblocks in 3 types of presentations, cream, gel and spray. Many wonder if one works better than the other, the truth is that they work the same, only that they can be applied on different occasions, for example, if your skin is dry, it would be best to use it in a cream format. If you want to use it in hairy areas such as the scalp, the most recommended would be the gel format. And if your skin is prone to acne or is oily, the ideal would be to use one with a light texture like the spray.

● The protectors that in their description claim to be reef-safe, are those that use mineral filters and without nanoparticles. Since it’s said that other types of sunscreen damage the reefs in the sea and especially the coral.

● Due to the above, there are two types of sunscreen which are minerals and chemicals. The difference between these is that the chemical filters are absorbed into the skin, which means that you have to touch them up at least every two hours, especially if you submerge yourself in water or if you have sweated a lot. They are not the most ecological option and certain ingredients that these sunscreens contain, such as oxybenzone, can cause health irregularities such as hormonal effects. Mineral filters are not absorbed and remain on the surface of the skin and their function is like a mirror. The effect is not erased while they block the radiation but if you touch something on the surface where you have sunscreen, it runs. This type of mineral sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin and is also environmentally friendly, but it leaves a heavy, whitish appearance. You can combine both or get one that is in both formats, it’s up to you.

● Skin cancer is something that many of us fear. In the lips area you should also use protection against the sun, since it is also skin and also deteriorates.

● Do not forget that even if you are indoors, you must also take care of your skin. Use sunscreen as part of your cleaning routine, because even inside the house, there will always be something that makes you go out or simply by facing a window, you are already exposed. Have you heard of the blue light? It is the type of radiation that radiates from the screens of cell phones, televisions or computers. If you are one of those who work from home, you should definitely use sunscreen that also protects you from this type of radiation.

Take all this information seriously. We know that changes in the climate are greatly affecting the world where we live, and it’s not for more to be well protected. The sun becomes more intense every summer and to avoid any type of damage to our health we must protect ourselves well.


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