Lack of sleep is deadly for your skin

There are many people who are used to working up to 12 hours a day and even more, and I am not saying that this is wrong but it also affects many in their lifestyle and other things. For example, not getting enough rest or having bad eating habits. Lack of rest creates problems in the body such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression and traffic accidents.

Although this is not mentioned much, lack of sleep also affects the state of our skin. It accelerates aging by weakening the function of the protective barrier, it also causes dehydration and leaves the skin more vulnerable to environmental damage. A study was carried out in 2015 where the skin of 30 women with good sleep habits was tested with that of 30 women with bad sleep habits, in both groups they measured aging, dark circles and the integrity of the bar protective skin through different tests.

The result?

Women who had good sleep habits have fewer signs of intrinsic aging. (biological cause And the other 30 women with poor sleep habits showed a higher level of aging and the basal levels of transepidermal water loss were lower. Which proves that a bad dream translates to unfavorable skin. Lack of sleep generates a greater amount of free radicals, which are responsible for damaging the components of the skin, causing aging and deterioration of the protective skin barrier.

Specialists have ensured that you should sleep at least 7 hours without interruptions, although 8 is more recommended. Also, a moment of relaxation could not hurt. Keep all of this in mind tonight and go to sleep a little earlier. 



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