Is it useful to drink collagen?

Surely you have already heard about the wonders of collagen, we are all thirsty to know what happens when we start taking collagen.

It’s not for nothing that this protein is talked about so much in cosmetics and in dermatology because…

  • It’s the main protein in the skin.
  • Provides elasticity, firmness and softness.
  • Collagen begins to decline at the age of 25-30 years.
  • Collagen deficiency causes loss of elasticity, hence wrinkles.


But … is it true that drinking collagen really benefits us?


Honestly, I had a lot of doubts about this collagen issue, since my mom did the test without getting the desired results. On the other hand, I was wondering why athletes or people who exercised a lot drank those protein drinks after training, so I had to do a little more research. Everywhere I found things like “collagen works wonders for skin.” Until I came across an article by a sports nutritionist where the reality of this was mentioned.

The body has only one way to absorb protein and any protein goes through the same process. Be it hydrolyzed collagen, spinach, or a plate full of tuna. Proteins are like a chain made up of little balls that are amino acids. It’s impossible for our intestines to absorb this because they are so large. For this reason, when they reach the intestine, it’s divided into pieces (peptides) and these peptides do manage to be absorbed by our intestinal cells, and have the function of separating the amino acids and releasing them into the blood. The peptides travel through the blood to the site where proteins are needed and upon arrival are formed into a new protein chain. BUT … this doesn’t mean that the same protein is formed as in the beginning.

The benefits that are said to be obtained through the intake of hydrolyzed collagen can be, but it’s as if you took any other type of protein or food. You will also get the same benefits. In certain studies it has already been shown that taking protein does improve collagen production, but any type of protein. Unfortunately, there are not enough studies that show that taking collagen improves certain things in the body. There is nothing to compare with.

Something important that you should know is that collagen in topical form does not work either. Since this protein cannot be absorbed by the skin because it is very large.

The best thing would be to stimulate the fibroblasts so that they produce collagen. So if what you want is a greater production of collagen, look for products that stimulate the fibroblasts. Don’t be discouraged if you are taking collagen, remember that it works and it brings you benefits like any other protein.




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