Inheritance Cleopatra

The inheritance that Cleopatra left to women to be just as beautiful

Throughout history, some mythical iconic women have been met who have transcended history due to their roles in society, their teachings, achievements and undeniable beauty. One of them would be the famous Cleopatra, who was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty of ancient Egypt, whose legacy as a ruler was one of the most powerful and well known to this day. Cleopatra was a strict woman with regard to the care of her beauty, not for nothing managed to captivate the Romans Julius Caesar and Marco Antonio. Her beauty routine was not only due to the makeup she wore, but rather it was something more natural and spiritual, it even dates back to the years of the Egyptian queen Nefertari, known as “the most beautiful of all” and that has transcended forever.


Cleopatra’s radiant beauty was derived from various routines that consisted of natural and in some cases, strange products. Here is a list for you to take note …

● It is well known that cucumber is a great ally for the skin, as it is a great moisturizer. Cleopatra used a mask that consisted of heavy cream whipped with olive oil, and honey and to give it a special touch, a few slices of cucumber.

● It is said that when the moon was in the first quarter, the Egyptian queen trimmed her eyelashes for 3 nights in a row and then gently fractionated them with almond essential oil.

● Which of us does not like rose water? According to the stories, to take care of her emblematic eyes that enchant all of Egypt, Cleopatra carefully protected her eyes from sunlight and washed them up to 3 times a day with homemade rose water, boiling rose petals in water.

● To tone and firm her face, Cleopatra lays out chunks of veal to keep her complexion free from sagging.

● It is known that all the methods that she used for her care routine were 100% natural, of course, in those days the cosmetic industry that we have today did not exist, to prevent acne, she used an exfoliant to be free of imperfections, which It consists of boiling a handful of leeks and mixing the resulting water with goat’s milk and a little sugar.

● To avoid the appearance of wrinkles, Cleopatra used a mixture of onion juice, white honey, white lily and molten wax and used it at night.

● Another scrub that was very popular in the routine of the Egyptian queen was a mixture of honey with baking soda, sea salt and essential oils.

● I think this is one of her most eccentric methods that Cleopatra used to keep a jovial face. It is a semen mask that was placed for a few minutes and then removed.

● To maintain a radiant and beautiful skin, they took milk baths with honey. The combination of these two ingredients helps to hydrate the skin and regain elasticity.

Cleopatra was definitely a very strict woman with regard to the care of her skin and her beauty, I think we could use a few notes on the methods she used and be a little more strict with our care routine. Don’t you think so?


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