If you come across a 3-leaf clover

Who does not wish to have good luck? A 4-leaf clover would not hurt us on a day-to-day basis, but guess what? The clover gives you other kinds of benefits besides “good luck.”

Who would say, this little one that grows in the green gardens of temperate cities, brings with it many properties and benefits. And the great thing is that we can get it anywhere because it grows everywhere. Its popularity is due to two reasons. It is famous for the legend of Saint Patrick, who explained with this herb the nature of the Holy Trinity. And on the other hand, it is believed that meeting one of 4 leaves will give us good luck. But for this to happen, according to the belief, you must find it by chance, since 4-leaf clovers do exist but there is only one for every 10 thousand copies.

Although clovers are considered weeds, they also help oxygenate the soil. So if you see a family of clovers in your garden, try to leave a few. It is high in isoflavones. Substance that has positive effects in reducing the symptoms of menopause and that gives a hormonal balance. Clovers contribute to bone loss, they contain minerals responsible for maintaining good bones, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Also, it is rich in amino acids. Such as leucine and arginine, which have very positive effects on the skin but also keep the nervous system and cholesterol in good working order. A study carried out confirmed that the infusion of clover helps to prevent malignant cells of breast, prostate, and endometrial cancer from multiplying. It has a cleansing function within the body. It can be taken as an infusion to treat arthritis, prevent fluid retention and relieve the symptoms of conjunctivitis. In addition to the already mentioned.

That is why clover is called the woman’s plant because it mainly relieves the symptoms of menopause. The next time you see a clover, even if it isn’t four-leaf, consider yourself lucky.

Only a single clover is enough for a liter of infusion of this. But if you are taking any medications, it is best to ask your doctor before ingesting clover tea. Since clover has very strong assets, it can intervene or cause reactions when mixed with strong medicine.




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