Home remedy to eliminate melasma

The problem of melasma is more common in women who have a hormonal disorder or who expose themselves too much to the sun without protection. It is the most frequent condition that women face, since it is related to the female hormones estrogens and progesterone.

Cloth is also caused by increased melanin production. When this pigment in charge of giving color to the skin is in high quantities, the consequences are the appearance of these spots in the dermis. It usually appears on the cheeks, chin, forehead and upper part of the lips.


Among the triggers of the cloth, we can highlight:

  • Contraceptive pill.

  • Exposing yourself too much to the sun.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Stress or anxiety

  • Inheritance.

  • Certain medical or cosmetic treatments.

  • Thyroid gland malfunction.


This problem is so common that many women have asked me how to remove melasma stains. The truth is that it is a problem that, although it is not risky for health, does create an emotional problem. That is why I decided to make this post today, and answer how it is that you can get rid of cloth stains with natural remedies. But I would always recommend that you first visit your dermatologist for a more accurate diagnosis.

  1. Banana mask
    Bananas are rich in nutrients and antimicrobials. Including the shell.
    A good way to improve facial health is by rubbing the underside of the banana peel after washing your face. Let dry for 15 minutes. Another option is to eat a banana and apply it to your face.

  2. Lemon and parsley water
    Lemon acid plays an important antifungal role. That is why it can be very helpful if we have spots on the skin. On the other hand, parsley is an antioxidant. But remember that this treatment is only at night.

    Since the lemon in contact with the sun can make the situation worse. With the juice of a lemon mixed with a few sprigs of parsley, sprinkle it on your face before sleeping.
    Or, mix the lemon juice with some parsley leaves in the blender to create a paste and apply it directly to the stains. Rinse in the morning.

  3. Hydrogen peroxide
    This step is simple. Wet a milkweed with hydrogen peroxide and apply to the stains directly. This step is also only at night. Don’t rinse it off and repeat daily.

  4. Milk, lemon and honey mask
    Squeeze a lemon and put milk (preferably powder) in a container. Add the lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey. Mix and apply to stains for 20 minutes.


These procedures should be applied to your face when it is clean. When finished, you can continue with your normal routine of moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, etc. Repeat as many times as you want during the week



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