Gua Sha Asian Technique

Previously I have talked to you about facial massages and the benefits it brings. But this time I found an Asian technique called Gua Sha that claims to give many more benefits since it sculpts the face. What is it about? I invite you to keep reading.

What is the Gua Sha technique and what benefits does it bring to the face?

The Gua Sha technique is a method from Asia, specifically from China that consists of passing a quartz wool stone or jade over the skin of the face and neck to improve blood circulation and drain the lymphatic system. It is very similar to using a jade roller, but the Gua Sha is much deeper, sculpting the face, molding the shape and contours. It also helps the skin to shed accumulated water, such as bags under the eyes and inflammation.


What you should do with this technique is first of all, use a facial oil that is of your preference or that is according to your needs, your Gua Sha (or flat stone) and your hands.

  • Stand in front of a mirror where your full face is seen.

  • Apply the oil on your face with the tips of your fingers until it reaches the length of the neck.

  • Then take the Gua Sha and begin to press gently with it on your neck with upward and downward movements.

  • Increase the pressure to where it is your resistance limit.

  • Then use the heart-shaped side to go around the contours of your face in the same way as your neck, starting at the chin and reaching up to the ear. On both sides.

  • Continue with that same side of the nose out, and under the eyes.

  • It persists on the outside of the lip to the eyebrow, this time with the convex side of the stone. Make sure to go through the areas where your lines of expression are most noticeable.

  • Return to the side in a heart shape and go through the contours of the eyebrows, lips and frown.

  • Press as your skin needs it, you will feel how the pressure acts on your skin and muscles that will relax.

  • When finished, let your face finish absorbing the oil and wash your Gua Sha with soap and water.


The Gua Sha massage helps to relax the facial muscles that are working daily while we speak, eat, smile, etc. It also reduces dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Detoxifies the skin, in addition to creams or oils are better absorbed in depth. Dare to try this Asian technique and take advantage of all its benefits.


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