Get a lift on your face with your own hands!

The importance of facial massages is as important as the treatments. With simple movements, you can achieve results such as anti-inflammation to lifting and the best thing is that it is simply with your hands without any needles or surgeries! Of course, you need consistency and repetition. It is important to mention that facial massages are not for all skin types, for example, people with acne should not do this type of massage, as it will stimulate the sebaceous glands. In the case of skin with rosacea, if they are allowed to do this type of massage it must be taken into account that the face will end up redder than normal due to the stimulation of circulation.

For dry skin it is ideal, since as we mentioned before, the sebaceous glands are stimulated and this is a benefit for dry skin. Here are some tips that Alessandra Scavone, creator of the MASC method of facial yoga, has given us.

● Dark circles and droopy eyelids. To stretch the muscles in these areas, such as the eye contour, the following movements should be done for at least 30 seconds. Place the mouth making an “O” with the lips inward, place the index fingers on the ears and gently blink looking up.

● Nasolabial sulcus. For wrinkles and expression lines that form between the nose and the mouth, it is recommended to inflate the cheeks by pressing the lips for five seconds. Subsequently, do it only on the right side for 10 seconds and then switch to the left side for another 10 seconds.

● Improve facial circulation.

Blood circulation influences us to look healthier because it gives a natural tone to the face. To achieve this, it is recommended to gently pinch the face, starting at the cheeks and then around the neck. That, without forgetting the contour of the face, for 30 seconds. With this, the natural production of collagen and elastin is achieved.

A tip would be to do these massages with your favorite essential oil that is good for your skin, such as coconut. First, warm the oil a little by rubbing it into your hands and then apply it to your face and massage. Don’t forget the neck, massage it from the bottom towards the chin. Remember that you must be constant and persistent to achieve changes, but surely you will do it with pleasurel.



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