When it comes to the skin, I think it is a great idea to look at the routines practiced by Asian women, since they take great care of their skin and if we see, they have a super beautiful face without imperfections. Recently, I read about the double cleansing that Asian women practice and I was very interested in the subject, because if it works for her to have skin like this, it is not such a bad idea to see what it is.



The concept is quite simple. Basically, it is about cleaning the skin through two basic steps to remove absolutely all impurities, in such a way that when applying the treatment products, the skin receives them in the best possible way and obtains all the benefits of its ingredients. There is something that must be taken into account, and that is that this system is recommended for any type of skin, from the most oily to the driest and most sensitive, since the objective is to achieve a cleaner skin without attacking. The only difference between one and the other would be to find the right products and textures.



The first step is done using an oily formula, either using balsam oil. The reason is simple: the best way to dissolve the oil is with oil, taking into account that in addition to sebum, foundations, sunscreens and waterproof makeup have many in their composition, this step and the choice of product it is essential to remove them completely.


This second step is the definitive one to remove all that remains after removing all the sebum, contamination and oils. It is when we must choose a product that is water-based designed for our skin type.



For either of these two types of skin, I would recommend a sulfate-free foam, that is, without soap.


For dry skin, a cream would be ideal that, in addition to removing the oil, also calms the skin and takes care of its hydrolipidic layer.



A gel would be the best option but its formula is soap-free to avoid drying out the skin. It is true that doing a double cleanse requires more time, but the benefits are totally worth it. The skin feels much healthier and brighter. Especially if you clean your skin thoroughly before sleeping.


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