Dark circles

We know that the area under the eyes is a very delicate area since that skin is ultra-thin and is easily abused. One of the common problems in this area is dark circles. I’m not talking about the bags or fine lines, but the dark stain that occurs there. This is because, as I mentioned before, it’s a very delicate and thin skin, the sinking that is created in that area makes the deeper vascular elements show through more. Trying to get depth with a cosmetic is impossible but it can improve the appearance of dark circles.

Some tips to keep this area looking healthy would be:

● Keep the area well hydrated. It’s not necessary that you use a special cream for the eye contour because a moisturizing cream that you can use all over the face will be enough, look for one that contains emollient and repairing properties, although if you want a cream especially for the area, there is no trouble. Of course, make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol, perfumes or even menthol.

● Sleeping is essential to keep this area healthy. Lack of sleep or poor sleep causes bags under the eyes and, over time, dark circles. So get enough sleep, at least 7 hours straight is what you should sleep.

● Zero makeup before bed. When it’s time to go to bed, don’t forget your facial cleansing routine, leaving makeup overnight creates serious problems for your skin. Start by removing makeup, then use a cleanser that is mild but does its job well, occasionally exfoliates your face and finally hydrates, hydrates, hydrates!

● Another “trick” to erase dark circles is camouflage. Now with makeup techniques you can even transform your face into another. Dark circle concealers work very well for this problem. I recommend using a concealer two shades lighter than your skin in the sunken area, and around this, use one similar to your skin tone. The light tones give light to the face and highlight it, on the contrary, the dark ones give more depth.

Remember that it is important to rest. Sleep while you beautify yourself at the same time.


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