Beware of this type of cellulite! Aesthetic and bacterial.

This skin condition mainly attacks women between the stages of puberty and maturity, although it also usually appears in older people due to the loss of elasticity in the skin. Although there is no specific treatment to fix this cosmetic problem, certain lifestyle changes can completely erase the signs of this condition. If you suffer from some type of cellulite, stay and make your notes. We will talk about the different types of cellulite and how you can combat them. Cellulite, also known as orange peel skin, is a dermo-aesthetic problem and creates small indentations in the skin or dimples at the skin surface. They are fat deposits below the surface that take on a wrinkled appearance. It is not a problem that can put your health at risk, but it can greatly affect the self-esteem of people who suffer from it. There are multitudes of products that help erase this aesthetic problem, however, these products are not miraculous and only manage to reduce the
problem a little and temporarily.

The types of aesthetic cellulite are categorized into 3 types:

● Edematous – which is the mildest cellulite, the cracks are not seen with the naked eye, but rather when squeezing the area where it is located.

● Soft – cellulite is more visible at this stage and indentations can be felt when running your fingers over it.

● Hard cellulite – this is already a higher degree of orange peel, the indentations are very evident and can cause other types of conditions such as a decrease in temperature in the affected area, pain and even heaviness.

What causes cellulite on the skin?

The cause is still unknown, but it has been explained that it could be due to inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, accumulation of toxins from fat and liquid cells or hormones. In the case of women, it usually appears at the beginning of puberty or through the development of this stage, since fat begins to accumulate in the legs and buttocks, which is where this problem mostly exists. Other factors that contribute to the appearance of aesthetic cellulite would be a poor diet, excess fats and sugars, in addition to being overweight, physical inactivity, dehydration, alcohol and tobacco consumption and even a poor functioning of the metabolism. To prevent aesthetic cellulite, a combination of products can be made that promise to treat this skin problem with a good diet and moderate physical activity. Especially the exercises that work the gluteal and leg area, which is where it is usually most visible.

Another type of cellulite …

Cellulitis can also become a potentially serious bacterial skin infection, the skin becomes inflamed, red and suffers from pain and burning in the affected area. This type of cellulite usually affects the lower legs, although it can occur anywhere on the body. This happens when bacteria enter the skin through cracks or breaks. If left untreated, this infection can spread to the lymph nodes and bloodstream, which can be life-threatening for the person affected. It is not contagious.

The characteristics of this skin disease are:

● Redness in the affected area that expands.
● Inflammation.
● Sensitivity to touch
● Pain.
● Burning or hot sensation.
● Blisters
● Orange peel.It is important to know how to detect this disease in time since this disease spreads quickly throughout the body.

If you have a fever and an inflamed, red and tender rash, you should go to the doctor quickly. Cellulite, as we mentioned earlier, can occur anywhere on the body, but it generally appears more on one leg.

The factors that increase the risk of suffering from this disease are:

● InjuriesSkin
● Weak immune system
● diseases
● History of cellulitis
● Obesity

To prevent bacterial cellulitis it is recommended to wash the wound every day with soap and water, apply protective cream and cover the wound. Also, you should moisturize your skin frequently and examine any kind of difference.


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