Body acne

Although we have already talked about facial acne, there are people who also suffer from body acne and I think it is time to talk about it, why it occurs and how it can be fought.

Body acne is normally caused by the same factors as facial acne, which are:

  • Overactive sebaceous glands (excessive production of sebum that oxidizes and clogs pores)

  • Accumulation of dead skin cells

  • And the consequent proliferation of bacteria that cause the acne, which causes inflammation.

In addition to these factors, there will surely be other different types since our body is not as exposed as our face is. Or at least it is a different environment. The main causes of body acne are due to diets and hormonal imbalances, inflammatory foods, stress, etc. The foods that most cause body acne are those that are based on wheat, vegetable oils, and dairy products that are high in sugar. Sweating and friction also cause the appearance of body acne, combine this with clothing that is too tight and unbreathable.

How can we solve the problem of body acne?

If you exercise, shower after exercising to prevent pores from clogging with sweat and dirt. Avoid wearing plastic-based garments such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester. Or at least don’t use them for a long time. Choose fabrics that are breathable like cotton. Do you like to use body soaps that have a moisturizing function and that smell good?Well, fragrances are not beneficial at all, avoid them at all costs, no matter if they are organic or chemical, both are harmful to your skin.

Better use soaps that are natural, it does not matter that they do not smell from half a block, it will be better for your skin, it will also allow the skin to rebalance. If these methods do not work for you, you can also use a lotion that is rich in salicylic acid, wash your hair first and then your body to remove any traces of shampoo that may remain on your skin. As you can see, anything that is irritating and clogging your pores is potentially harmful to your skin, obviously. Therefore, you should also look at the type of detergent you use for your clothes. Practically, you will have to treat your skin as if it were ultra sensitive and give it a delicate care. Don’t worry because today there are many different brands that are manufactured with this in mind, skin care.

So if you are getting pimples on your body, think that there is something you are doing wrong and you should change.



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