8 Tips to get rid of your worst enemy, Stress!

Do you wake up in the morning exhausted, thinking about the things you have to do today?

Surely thoughts come to mind like …“I have to change my diet, I have to start exercising, I’ll go out for a run in the afternoons, I’ll stop eating so much junk food” and well… among other things. During the day, your heart races, you think that the day will not reach you to finish what there is to do, you cannot concentrate on what you are doing. Suddenly, the day is over and it’s time to sleep, but you can’t fall asleep and again in the morning you wake up tired…. This is undoubtedly one or, rather, several signs that you are completely stressed.

Stress causes problems with blood pressure in our body, quite severe headaches, skin problems and even premature aging. It also gives you the feeling that nothing you do or have is enough.On certain occasions, stress may not be so bad, in situations where we must prove something specific to ourselves or when we must make a necessary change, stress can function as a push to help. But nothing else! The problems that being stressed on a daily basis can cause us can be heart disease, as well as poor concentration and anxiety.

Stress in smaller amounts can cause our appetite to disappear, our brain produces stress hormones that quench the appetite, but when stress is in larger amounts it can cause the opposite. As we mentioned earlier, it produces anxiety and this can cause a very stressed person to drive their anxiety to food. But not the good, but rather, highly sugary and high-fat foods. People who suffer from stress, exercise less, sleepless and tend to drink sugary drinks, energizers, a lot of caffeine or alcohol. Eating organic food, fruits, vegetables, tea, among other things, can help reduce stress in a person considerably. If the next time, you think of taking an energy drink, better stop, choose to drink green tea or black tea, these contain amino acids called tannins that help lower high blood pressure significantly.

The good news in all ofthis is that stress is something you can get rid of!

1. Starting with acknowledging the things that cannot be changed, this will allow you to let go of these situations and not stress about it. For example, if you have to drive to work during rush hour and it’s something you can’t change, find a way to relax along the way, whether it’s listening to music and singing, or whatever works for you.

2. It is important to avoid stressful situations, if you find yourself in the middle of an argument with others, better get away from there, since they are negative thoughts that you do not need.

3. Exercising is a great way to de-stress, when the body exercises, the brain releases chemicals that make you feel good. Find something that you like, like going for a walk in the mountains, cycling, running, whatever you like the most.4. Take time for yourself and nothing else for yourself. It’s about self-love, loving yourself. Relive one of your favorite series, a facial, whatever, but just be a time for yourself.

5. Sleep is just as important, think that your body and your brain are like a car, if you don’t give it the maintenance that the car requires, it will stop working. Your body is the same, it must also be given that maintenance it requires and resting is one of those requirements since your defenses can reach the ground and contract diseases.

6. Live more with your family, feeling the affection of others makes you feel full, complete.

7. Your diet is just as important as everything else, leave junk food and sugars and fats, change them for more organic things, you will feel the change in energy during the day and this will improve in all other aspects.

8. If part of the stress is due to multitasking at home or at work, learn to say “No”

set your limits, and if necessary, ask for help when you need it. If you feel like you can’t manage your stress on your own, see a specialist. Remember that stress is the worst enemy of the human being. You must control your life, not everything else



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