6 Nutrients that your body needs

Although, what we put on our skin on the outside is just as important as what we give on the inside. The body plays an essential role for health, but also for appearance.


Therefore, I bring you 6 nutrients that your skin and your body need to radiate youth and health.

  • Vitamin E

This is a classic antioxidant for skin care. Prevents damage caused by free radicals. The recommended amount of vitamin E is 15 mg daily.

  • Protein

While protein is generally considered a source for muscle building. But it also works wonders on the skin. If you don’t meet your daily protein needs, your body draws from reserves, like muscles, and limits nonessential uses, like hair and nail quality.

  • Biotin

Biotin is used to help the body convert food into usable energy. If there is a biotin deficiency, the hair mainly turns grayish and lifeless.

  • Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant is a skincare staple. In addition to reducing the damage caused by free radicals, it also stimulates collagen production.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s not only help lower cholesterol levels, but they also help moisturize the skin. Reducing redness, dermatitis, and acne breakouts.

  • Water

Could not be missing. The most important thing to have great skin is water. Drinking enough water regularly helps the body eliminate toxins and improve efficiency. By staying hydrated, you can reduce puffiness and acne. Improve skin structure and laxity.

One way hydration can be measured is through urine. If your urine is light in color, you may be overhydrated. If it’s yellow in color like beer, you need to hydrate. Good hydration makes urine look like lemonade in color.


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