Which is better, a cleanser or micellar water?

When we choose our cleaning routine, we find ourselves with a cleanser and micellar water. What difference do these two have? and how do you know which one to choose? The main function of both is to clean, of course. But both have different functions, for example, micellar water traps impurities and residues of the day thanks to the fact that it contains micelles, but against makeup it does not work as well as a make-up remover cleanser.

A make-up remover blocks substances that oxidize skin cells and also frees it of impurities, as well as allowing the skin to recover overnight. One of the functions that cleansers have is to balance the pH and reduce inflammation, on the other hand, most help reduce redness or open pores. It all depends on the ingredients with which it is formulated.

There are some that are milk-based, my favorites. Milk evens the skin tone in addition to providing all the other benefits that I already mentioned. And it works like a serum, it keeps the skin more hydrated than those that are oil or even water based.

It is based on tastes, each one has different needs and each one adapts a cleaning routine that best suits the skin.

In which case, we already clarify one more question.


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