Does your face produce sebum and you don't like it?

We already know how important it is to take good skin care, we also know that hydration is the main source of youth, since if your skin is not well hydrated it can cause oily, sensitive skin, acne appears, wrinkles, etc. But now we will explain a little about the importance of the natural oil on your face and why you should not get rid of it.

The natural sebum acts as a moisturizer on your skin, thus helping to keep your pores clean and a natural glow. It also waterproofs and softens the skin with its function as a protective barrier against external damage, preventing too much water from entering your skin but also preventing it from losing it. When you sweat, the natural sebum of your skin mixes with your sweat and creates a thin acid mantle on the surface of the dermis, and we already know that the acids in the skin are of the utmost importance.Why? Well, that’s because acids have an antibacterial function, therefore they keep your skin protected from bacterial and fungal infections, toxins and pollution in the environment.

Oil and water don’t mix, right?

When there is a light layer of sebum on your face, this repels the water molecules preventing them from escaping from your skin! I mean, the sebum traps the water inside and well, this keeps your skin hydrated and soft.

Our skin faces a battle against oxidative damage EVERY DAY.

These cause damage at the molecular level in cells, altering the membranes, DNA and natural proteins.

Sebum contains an antioxidant component called Vitamin E, oh ​​yes, and it is the mechanism it uses as a defense against oxidative damage. This is secreted on the surface along with the sebum of your skin.

Another thing to finish loving your natural sebum is that it keeps your pores clean, since it removes dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. Interesting, right? Well there you have many reasons for not wanting to get rid of your natural sebum. My advice would be that you do not exfoliate your skin so often, nor do you wash it so daily or several times a day.

Remember that by washing your face so many times you can also dehydrate it because the natural sebum is eliminated and the skin begins to dry out, in addition this causes your skin to want to produce much more sebum to compensate for the loss and that is where you get an oily face. One reason your skin may be producing a lot of sebum is the foods you eat.

“Beauty starts from within” and everything you eat will be reflected on the outside.

The amount of sugary food, coffee, etc., only make you produce more oil on the face.If your skin is oily, avoid these types of foods high in sugar. I hope this has helped you a little more to have more love for your natural sebum, now that you know the importance it has, you will surely try not to get rid of it. 


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