What happens if we use expired products?

In one of the previous posts, I had to mention that the skin does not need the same care in summer and winter. Even if it is the same person. That is why it is very common that when a new season of the year arrives, we keep some of our products for the face. We will probably forget that we have them and they end up expired.

A professional make-up artist (MUA) explains to us how it is that two identical make-up bases rust over time. Until they look like two different products. Natalia Carballo clarifies that, sometimes, the smell does not change. So we can come to think that it is still reusable. But there are features such as the tone change that helps us know if it is in good condition or not. The expiration date of a product varies according to which it is. Generally, if we do not open a product or cosmetic that we just bought, we can use it for up to 3 years without losing its properties or deteriorating. According to the labs. But when we open the lid of a mascara for example, we have to take into account its PAO (Period After Opening). Which is usually indicated by a drawing on the packaging. And it shows the number of months we can use it after opening.

Using a product that is expired can cause irritation, contact dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, allergies or a serious infection on our skin. In the case of creams, their assets are no longer effective. So you should be careful when reusing a sunscreen that you have left lying around. To extend the life of your products and cosmetics, it will always be better to keep them in a cool and ventilated place.



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