Volcano craters instead of pores? No more!

Today I’m going to talk to you about the annoying and horrible enlarged pores … I have friends who have said that a plug would fit inside their very enlarged pores, but … we know that this is not the best solution, right? Although it turns out to be very funny, the truth is that large pores can damage the self-esteem of many people since it is a great aesthetic concern. In addition, having a large pore makes it easier for any bacteria, dust or dirt to enter the dermis.

The pores are small openings at the top of the hair follicles, our skin is full of them that are categorized into two types:

● Those that protect our skin by producing sebum

● and those that release sweat.

Pores that tend to get very large are those that produce sebum.
The reality is that an enlarged pore is determined by genetics, BUT
there are other factors that also result in this problem such as oily skin
and photoaging, for example:

– Excessive sebum depends on the genes and the size of the pores.

– Lack of elasticity in the skin also causes “open pore” problems.

– Hair follicle enlargement happens when it is clogged by an ugly combination of dirt, dead cells, makeup, sweat, and everything else you can imagine.- Lack of vitamin A, although all vitamins are BFFs of our skin, vitamin A is essential to keep those gaps closed and protected.

– Dry skin can also develop into porous and oily skin, so nourish that skin.

Although this all sounds great, I am sorry to tell you dear friend that there is no solution for enlarged pores….  Yes, i know … but there are treatments aimed at reducing symptoms and minimizing their appearance.

● Facial Cleansing.
This is the plus to keep your skin young, healthy, clean, and free of imperfections. You should not sleep with makeup, you should clean your face at night and in the morning, especially if your skin is oily.

From time to time, go to a spa for a professional exfoliation, these procedures are more powerful than you can do at home and the cleaning is usually more thorough.

Exfoliation at home can also be done using products that contain retinoids, citric acid, lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid.

● A new treatment called microneedling that consists of microneedles that improve the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, if you are not a fan of needles then … better try the other methods.

If you are young and your skin still shows no signs of age or anything like that, prevent enlarged pores with the tips mentioned above in addition to using sunscreen EVERY DAY.

Avoid cosmetics that are very greasy or thick that can clog pores. And most importantly, drink water every day. Enough water! This way you can prevent your pores from looking like volcano craters




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