Rosacea in Summer

For those who deal with rosacea, you will know very well that weather conditions affect the severity of the skin. And since summer has officially arrived, we help you here to take care of your rosacea this season.

Cold, humidity, heat, autumn winds, all weather conditions aggravate the state of rosacea in people who suffer from it. Especially the high summer temperatures. Redness on the face is a very common thing that can happen to anyone. But if you suffer from any pathology such as rosacea, this redness is more common, and your skin must be cared for and treated properly.


For those who do not know what that redness that suddenly appears on the cheeks is, here I explain. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. Commonly exposed acne-like pimples on your skin, continuous or permanent redness, the appearance of dilated, spider-like capillaries, burning and itching. It mainly affects the central area of ​​the face. It is more common in women than in men. But when this pathology appears in men it is usually more serious, also in fair skin. Mainly in phototypes I and II.

This diagnosis can only be made by a dermatologist, as can the treatment. Since anything can aggravate this condition. Like I said before, the weather is one of the main factors, the sun, food, drinks, cosmetics, anything. That is why it is extremely important that if your redness begins to become permanent, you go to a dermatologist for an evaluation. Or if you already suffer from this disease, equally. Now, a large percentage of rosacea patients feel that it worsens in summer. Which is quite normal because heat, such as exposure to the sun are one of the factors that aggravate and / or trigger rosacea outbreaks.


High temperatures stimulate vasodilation of capillaries. The sensation of burning, itching, discomfort, etc. In addition, the use of air conditioners favors the dryness of the skin. Leaving it less protected against external aggressions. Therefore, if you suffer from rosacea, both your routines of the day and the care of your skin during this season of the year, should be more careful.

  • Avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

  • Use sunscreen for sensitive skin that has a high protection index.

  • If you do physical exercise, preferably do it in the morning.

  • If you decide to take a dip in the sea or pool, try to clean your face afterwards to remove excess chlorine and salt.

  • And of course, don’t forget your skincare routine.

These steps work for me. Since I have sensitive and rosacea skin, during this season I try to maximize my care. Why is it true, rosacea does get worse in summer. Take care of sudden temperature changes. Don’t go from cold to hot quickly. Avoid drinking hot drinks or spicy foods. That also aggravates this disease.


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