We are almost halfway through the year, time has passed super fast and new trends in skin care have come to light. In short, you should stay to read this.


Now due to the pandemic hitting the entire world, school, work, doctor’s appointments, everything has gone digital. What does this imply? Spend more time in front of computer or cell phone screens. This type of light is known as blue light.

Blue light has a longer wavelength, so it penetrates the skin more deeply than other lights. Prolonged exposure can cause as much damage to the skin as the sun. Being in front of a screen for longer is part of the new normal and we must adapt as we have done for the last year.

Num # 2 CBD OIL

Since the legalization of cannabis in the USA and elsewhere, more studies and trials determine the great amount of benefits that this compound has. One of them is to soothe, hydrate and de-stress the skin. Which makes it perfect for skin with acne, redness, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, and any condition that leads to inflammation and irritation. In addition, it has recently been shown that it also has an antibacterial effect.


Now that we must wash our hands frequently, it is necessary to increase hydration to avoid dryness. For this reason, it became a trend to use a line of care for the hands especially, since the use of antibacterial, water and soap so often, brought with it skin problems.


Maskine has joined the talk, with the breakouts that the mask has caused, dermatologists and beauty brands are creating new products that prevent and help replenish the skin, as well to rid it of the bacteria that cause “maskine”.

What was your favorite? Now that we must adapt to this new normal, it is important to take into account these new care trends, as they have become a trend precisely because of the situation in which we are going.


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