TikTok Trends

A little over a year ago, the new Tik Tok platform became a trend. And within it many beauty “tips” have gone viral. But can we trust them? TikTok may be a resource for many, but the platform is also littered with fake videos of users trying to go viral. After all, most of the users on the platform are not beauty experts.

Let’s look at some trends.

Curls without heat.

Curling hair without using heat is a method that has been used for a long time and it does work. Many women, especially in this summer season, do not want to apply so much heat to their hair. And this way of creating curls is a good way. You just have to create rolls with hair strips and keep them on high until the hair dries.

Soap eyebrows.

This technique gained a lot of popularity last year. Instead of using an eyebrow gel, Tik Tok users began rubbing an eyebrow brush on a bar of soap to keep them in place. Brow expert Kristi Streicher recommends using a pencil to add streaks of hair in areas where there are none. Microfiber tinted brow gels to add volume look great too.

Hydrocolloid bandages.

This method began to be used to cure pimples. Hydrocolloid bandages are designed to heal and have long been used for their healing benefits. If they work. Hydrocolloids help absorb excess fluid to dry out the pimple and thus allow the skin to heal. They also form a physical barrier over the shin to keep hands away from it.


What you should keep in mind:

 Not everything you look at on the internet can be true. And not everything that might work for someone else will work for you. Consider that each skin and body is different. My recommendation would always be to see a dermatologist to receive an exact diagnosis rather than experiment. At Avotre we will always do our best to stay well informed of things that can help you.



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