The skin can regenerate itself!

The human body is definitely amazing. It can regenerate and take care of itself. The skin is no exception, because it can cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate and heal itself. What cosmetic products do to our skin is minimal with what it can do on its own. What you really need is help from the inside and to create a suitable environment outside. Our skin is the largest organ we have and it is delicate and complicated, our cleansing routine should not be. Industries have created the idea that the skin needs many very expensive products to have better results and this is not the case. I am not saying that carrying out a cleaning routine with cosmetic products is bad, on the contrary, it adds an extra to the work that our body already does naturally. A plus.

The loss of water in the skin can be regulated by the mechanisms and functions that are incorporated in the outermost layer of the skin (stratum corneum). The function of this layer cannot even be fully understood, since they are quite complete, therefore it is very difficult for a beauty product to match the natural functioning. Certain cosmetic skin care products must contain certain ingredients to make the content more attractive, for example, that it contains a pleasant smell, a smooth texture, viscosity, etc. To create these types of effects, it is necessary to use ingredients that are not good for our skin. Although alcohol is organic, it is not always suitable for skin, such as sensitive or super sensitive. I know, because my skin is like that. U.u

Fragrances on the other hand, also have their organic side but by no means, organic or chemical they do the skin good. They are a gigant NO. The more intact the lipid barrier, the lower the rate of transepidermal water loss.

Why can’t our skin regenerate on its own?

  • Our skin barrier is damaged.

  • Daily use of aggressive cleansers and make-up removers.

  • Drastic changes in the pH of the skin.

  • Our skin microbiome is out of balance.

  • Exfoliation very often.

Now can you understand why a good diet is so important?
Beauty comes from the inside out. If our skin could speak verbally, it would tell us: “Give me a break.”




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