The skin can be a signal to detect the Covid-19 virus

The symptoms of the COVID-19 virus are different in each person and many of them can even go unnoticed. This is the case of dermatological conditions that, in isolated cases, can arise due to the virus. In fact, they appear more often in people who have been vaccinated.

Dr. Giavedoni from the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona explains that since the beginning of the pandemic, the relationship between the coronavirus and dermatological problems has been studied. And it has been found that the impact is very low. The doctor mentions that the most frequent type of lesions in admitted patients were rashes. That could be produced by the virus itself or by the treatments administered. The rash is a pinkish skin rash that usually appears as a consequence of some infectious diseases.

Looking at the skin is key. Since it can be the protagonist that allows detecting the disease, as it is the first or the only sign of the infection. This has been seen in patients consulting for chilblains on the hands and feet, or urticarial lesions. This trend of skin involvement by COVID-19 has continued to be observed in subsequent studies and it seems that skin manifestations are isolated in mild cases and in hospitalized patients it can reach up to 8%.

In general, COVID-19-related skin lesions are mild and self-limited. In a few cases, symptomatic treatment is needed and the cases of patients requiring hospital admission due to skin manifestations are exceptional. Vaccines are known to be in the eye of the medical and social side. In dermatology, the magnifying glass has also been put on and it has been found that adverse skin effects to the vaccine are mostly mild and transitory.


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