The Nutrients Your Skin Needs

The nutrients your skin needs to regenerate properly and look younger. Have you ever heard the saying… “You are what you eat.

Well, ultimately our skin is a true reflection of what we eat. It is quite logical, if we think about it, since cells are renewed every 28 days and for this regeneration to be carried out in the correct way, it needs a series of nutrients. If you spend a few days eating badly, it quickly shows in the appearance of our skin, it begins to look dull, lifeless, pimples or pimples appear, even redness. It is important to know that the skin is a very sensitive organ to nutritional deficiencies of proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, the latter, raw materials that the skin uses for its regeneration. But do not worry! Here we will leave you a list of the nutrients that your skin urgently needs to return to the appearance it had in its adolescence. (After the bars): D


First of all, our skin needs ...

● Firming proteins.
These are the main components of collagen and elastin, they are the fibers that support the skin, preventing it from “hanging” and looking flaccid. That is why we need to eat this type of protein more often, they are essential to maintain quinceanera skin. Nowadays, fortunately, cosmetics that are for skin care have tried to add certain ingredients that mimic its action, including collagen in its formulation. These firming proteins are found in meats, preferably white meats, as they contain less saturated fat. Fish, legumes, eggs and skimmed dairy. Get two servings a day.

Beta-carotene and vitamin A
Basic also for the formation of collagen, they also have a powerful antioxidant action that protects the skin from the damaging action caused by terrible free radicals. When you have a deficiency of vitamin A or beta carotene, your skin becomes dry and rough, in addition the sebaceous glands become clogged, bringing acne. You will find vitamin A mainly in whole dairy products and eggs, beta carotene is found in vegetables such as carrots or squash and all those that are green leafy. Recommendation: 3000 IU per day.


● Vitamin C
Vitamin C, another nutrient necessary for your skin to generate collagen properly. Who does not love vitamin C. I think it is the most spoiled of all vitamins, if you want your skin to look younger, do not hesitate to go to vitamin C, people who take little of this vitamin, are more prone to developing wrinkles sooner. Opt for all vegetables, but mostly citrus, as well as kiwi or pineapple. With 90 mg a day it is enough to look spectacular.


● Essential fatty acids
These fats are essential for a correct cell regeneration of the skin, also preventing it from drying out. 3 or 4 times a week of oily fish or 25 g of nuts a day is enough.


● Vitamins of group B
These vitamins, especially B2, are essential for your skin to be healthier, softer and smoother. A deficiency of this causes more sebum to be produced on your skin, more fat is also produced in your hair and we do not want that. Look for green leafy vegetables, eggs, legumes, whole grains, dairy, and nuts.


A mineral that is essential for the formation of hemoglobin, a component of the blood that is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. When it is missing, the skin becomes very pale and the hair falls out more. To avoid this discoloration on the skin, try foods rich in iron, meats, fish and green leafy vegetables. Combine these with vitamin C to promote their absorption.

The largest amount of zinc found in the body is in the skin, hair and nails. It is essential for the regeneration of tissues. You find it in whole grains, fish and everything that is whole.


To this list, add drinking water, 6 to 8 glasses a day, herbal teas or vegetable or fruit juices. It is also important to have good cooking habits and be active.

Remember that “you are what you eat.”





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