Within the world of social media, I came across a “green drink” that has become a trend and is said to be the savior of the skin, since they say it clears the skin and fights acne. I am talking about the famous drink of water with chlorophyll. But to understand a little better, let me explain what exactly chlorophyll is and what the specialists think about this famous drink.


Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that helps them absorb light energy during photosynthesis. It is also an antioxidant known to help the body fight free radical damage AND free radicals. Which are responsible for the aging of the body on its own.

Holistic nutritionist Carly Brawner says: “The foods with the richest sources of chlorophyll are spinach, parsley, watercress and seaweed. It is best absorbed into the body when ingested with some fat and is most abundant in fresh and raw vegetables. ”  If you want to get your daily dose of chlorophyll, it is important that you know that when cooking these vegetables, they lose a large percentage of chlorophyll, so it is better to take them or eat them raw or in supplement form.


Mona Gohara, Specialist in Dermatology says: “It’s one of those wait and see situations. While theoretically it could help, there is currently no science to back it up. However, we’ve been saying the same thing about oral collagen, and a recent study showed that there may be a benefit. ” So yes, it helps the skin. This drink should be added to our regimens along with our cleansers and creams. Although there is no clear answer yet, if drinking chlorophyll water makes you feel good, there is no reason to give up the famous green drink. However, it is always advisable to take into account the opinion of a specialist to avoid any reaction problems, among others.



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