The world has created beauty standards that increasingly affect women, mainly. And each time we undergo multiple treatments, or arrangements to reach that standard that increases more and more each year.One of the best-known techniques is contouring. Which are the shading that is given to the face and even the body to look slimmer and to refine the features.So far, everything is fine. But in recent weeks it has been seen on the TikTok platform that many girls have taken it too far.

It consists of applying sunscreen to the parts of the face where you want to keep light or a clear tone and expose the rest to the sun to have that “natural” contouring. This new fad, like many of those that go viral on the internet, can have great health consequences. Specialists from the Institute of Integral Dermatology, explain why.

Dermatologists affirm that it is a serious danger to the health of the skin since the areas where sunscreen is not applied are burned to achieve that desired makeup “effect”.

It is also a trend that is widespread mainly in the young population because they are precisely the least aware of the damage that sunburn can do to the skin. From cancers like carcinoma and melanoma to aging, loss of collagen, wrinkles, blemishes, and solar elastosis.Being in direct sunlight for so long has its consequences.

But spending a short period of time, such as 15 to 20 minutes, is enough for the body to produce vitamin D. So, the sun is not so bad if you take it in short amounts.

The function of solar filters is to increase the time that a person can be in the sun without burning. That is, a 45 sun cream multiplied by 45 the minutes that you can be protected from radiation. Fair skin (phototype 1) should not be exposed to the sun without sunscreen.

Darker skin (phototype 4 or higher) will take a little longer to burn out. In conclusion, if you are reading this article, please we ask you not to avoid the use of sunscreen for anything in the world. It’s more about health than aesthetics.


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