The importance of Vitamin D

A new study carried out by the Massachusetts General Hospital in the USA has revealed a possible new effect of the lack of vitamin D in the body. A vitamin D deficiency could lead to an increased risk of opioid addiction.

The conclusion of the study says that possibly using inexpensive dietary supplements rich in vitamin D could help to deal with the current existing addiction to opioids. To determine this, it is necessary to know how vitamin D works. Several perspectives were used in which they compared normal laboratory mice with other mice that were vitamin D deficient. Modulation of vitamin D levels was found to modify multiple addictive behaviors to both UV rays and opioids. Most telling is that at this point, the researchers conditioned the mice with modest doses of morphine. When morphine was withdrawn, vitamin D-deficient mice were more likely to develop withdrawal symptoms.

In summary, research shows that a lack of vitamin D increases addictive behavior in humans. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. One of the main substances necessary for strong bones. Along with calcium, vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis. A disease that causes bones to become thinner and weaker and more prone to fractures. Cloudy days, shade, and dark-colored skin also reduce the amount of vitamin D the skin produces. However, despite the importance of the sun for the synthesis of vitamin D. It is prudent to limit the exposure of the skin to sunlight to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Vitamin D is what our skin needs to stay functioning. But in excess it produces damage. Remember that one of the rules to avoid aging faster is the use of sunscreen.




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