that your skin does not reveal your age

The relationship between wrinkles and age spots is a myth that has been created over time. Skin health has nothing to do with how old you are, I know people who are stealing at 40 and have beautiful skin as if they were 20 years old. Actually, the appearance of the skin depends on several factors, as well as those around us and what we do for our skin.

The “signs of aging” can start from 25 years of age, not necessarily after 35 is when the skin will begin to look “older”, as I said, that depends on what we do for the skin. By that I mean the care that must be taken to be able to enjoy good health in the dermis.

These are:

  • Sun.
    The sun causes 90% of the symptoms of aging. UV rays damage collagen and elastin.

  • Gain and lose weight.
    You can imagine why. When you gain weight, the skin stretches and when you lose weight, the skin declines. It’s a constant push and pull that causes elastin to build up and collagen to decline.

  • Stress.
    When stress is very present in your life, it alters the amount of normal blood that each area of ​​your body should receive, which causes the appearance of the skin to be affected.

  • Bad sleep
    Not sleeping the recommended 8 hours causes the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles.

  • Cigar and alcohol.
    In addition to the multiple damages to health caused by smoking and drinking alcohol, the toxins in these contribute to the skin cells not being oxygenated correctly, in addition to dehydrating them.

  • Fast food.
    Eating a poor diet will make you gain weight and affect the correct function of your digestive system, the lack of vitamins and minerals causes your skin to age faster.

Think that our body stops producing the same amount of collagen and elastin after the age of 30, if before it was 100%, then it will be 50%. So add all of the above with this, as a result you get “premature aging”. We definitely don’t want that, right?


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