Sunscreen for dark skin

The hot season is here. And inevitably many of us will find ourselves sunbathing. And with more reason, since we had to spend a year locked up due to the health situation. Taking time to stop and smell the flowers seems more appealing than ever.

As we enjoy those outdoor activities, we must remember to incorporate sunscreen into our daily skincare routine. This rule applies to people of all skin types. The results of unprotected UV exposure are simply not worth it. UV light is omnipotent, even on cloudy days. That said, finding the perfect sunscreen is easier said than done. Especially for people with darker skin tones. Since sunscreens tend to leave a whitish hue and some products can even make skin look oily. So which sunscreens are a good option for dark skin?

  • Pore ​​Perfecting Sunscreen – Tatcha

  • Invisible Sunscreen SPF 40 – Supergoop

  • Unmatched Sunscreen SPF 35 – Eleven by Venus Williams

  • Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+ Face Sunscreen – ShiseidoSunscreen

  • Anthelios Milkfor Face and Body SPF 100 – La Roche Posay

  • Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 – Murad

  • Prisma Protect SPF 30 – Dermatological

  • Eryfotona actinica – Isdin

All, tested and recommended by specialist dermatologists.



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