Slow down the aging of your immune system

Nowadays thanks to the pandemic, our sedentary lifestyle has grown with the home-office. We spend more time sitting than doing physical activity, and this according to specialists, is as harmful to health as smoking. The importance of leading an active life is because this slows down immune aging. This system, with the passage of time, also ages. But we can avoid it thanks to factors such as physical activity.

One of the functions of the immune system is to have a memory of the pathogens that attack us. But as we age, the cells that store that information are lost. That is why the ability to respond to an infection and the vaccines that prevent it, decreases. The immune system is like a network made up entirely of tissues, cells, and organs that work with each other to protect us from infection and disease. The function of this system is to fight those small external invaders such as viruses, bacteria, toxins and fungi that multiply and cause disease.

When the immune system recognizes the antigen, it attacks it. And it generates an immune response. That is, it produces antibodies in addition to other cells. In this way, the immune system remembers the antigen, identifies it, and sends out the correct antibodies. But, like any other organ in our body, the immune system also ages. This makes us more vulnerable to viruses and all kinds of diseases.

The age of the immune system does not necessarily coincide with our chronological age. As we age, inflammation develops in the blood and tissues. Although, getting old is something predictable. Only that it varies in each person due to the lifestyle they lead. This is where we can avoid that. A premature deterioration.

The key is mainly physical activity. Afterwards, food or / and habits.

  • Up and down stairs.
  • Go up and down on the balls of your feet while standing.
  • Lift a little weight with your arms.
  • Walk.
  • Riding a bicycle.
  • Swim.

As simple as moving. And this helps slow down the aging of your immune system. Stay active and eat a balanced diet.



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