Should we take care of our neck and cleavage?

Of course! This area should also be part of our care routine.

The cleavage is one of the areas that we leave most in view when the weather has high temperatures. Only in winter is when we pay more attention since we must have it well covered to avoid respiratory diseases.

But there are many people who do not know this; the skin of the neckline, like that of the neck, is very thin and dehydrated very easily, which causes the appearance of wrinkles.

“The cleavage lacks sebaceous glands and the proportion of collagen and elastin that hydrates and supports it is very small, so there are more wrinkles and sagging.” Explains Myriam Yébenes, director of the Maribel Yébenes Beauty Institute.In addition to the problem of flaccidity and wrinkles, the cleavage is one of the areas of our body most prone to blemishes. Although we must take care of this area in the same way as our face, we should not be scared if we have not done it yet, because experts in dermatology assure that it is important to care for this area from 40 years of age with products that are specific to this area.

How can we delay the aging of this area?

According to the beauty specialist, the appearance of spots, wrinkles and flaccidity in this area can be delayed by using the appropriate cosmetics, some treatments to treat this area and of course leading a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips to help you treat this problem

– Avoid sudden weight changes
– Apply cold water from time to time to stimulate circulation
– Sleep on your back, preferably
– The use of sunscreen is, as we have already said, essential
– Apply creams What do you use to care for your face up to
the neck and décolleté area (cleansing, exfoliation and
– From the age of 40, try to use specific products for this
area that have a higher concentration of active
ingredients to rejuvenate and firm the skin.

Generally When applying skin care products, a type of facial massage is usually given to activate collagen production, the same happens in this area of the décolleté. It is essential to give a massage when we apply the creams. Experts recommend for a better result, exfoliating or peeling the cleavage once a week and applying a mask. Above all, if you have not been very constant in your care and some wrinkles have already appeared.


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