Scars after acne, Treatments

Acne affects most of the population in the world. About 80% have suffered from acne. And one of its main sequels are scars. The truth is that those scars are a nuisance, sometimes greater than solving the acne itself.

Of course, the scars vary between the aggressiveness with which you have had acne, and when it has been delayed to start treatment. As for people who have this scar problem, they will be happy to know that there is a solution to completely erase those marks. In addition to scars, other sequelae left by acne are redness and hyperpigmentation. The lighter the skin, the more chance there is of redness. And the darker the skin, the more chance there is of blemishes.

Both redness and blemishes are things that must be taken into account when choosing a treatment. Tips to take into account when choosing a treatment

  • If you have just started to appear pimples on your face, it is the perfect time to start treating them. Don’t give them a chance.
  • If the scars are already visible, what you should know is that the appearance can be improved but not completely eliminated.
  • Another important thing to know is that topicals are not the right choice for treating scars. But rather laser treatments, fillers, micro mesotherapy, radiofrequency, dermabrasion and subcision.
  • Glycolic acid and retinoic acid can be used as peels in low concentrations for daily use. Both stimulate the production of elastin and collagen helping to repair damage, restore the structure of the skin and homogenize the appearance.

The most important thing is to treat your case with a dermatologist and see what options are for you.


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