Radiation inside home?

How? The pandemic is something that has taken each of us by surprise, and of course the changes that have had to be made to protect ourselves from the virus is “staying home.” This implies that most people have had to make drastic changes with respect to their jobs and their lives, for example, it has been recommended that in order to combat this virus we must be more physically active and eat a good diet, specialists on the subject, have stated tha this is the only way to stay safe, in addition to being ultra hygienic.

We know that these changes have affected people more than expected. The new “home office” has been imposed, this means that many people have had to work from home, from teachers, secretaries, journalists, wholesalers, etc. What does this imply? that many people now spend more time in front of a computer, cell phone or TV screens. And what with that? Well, that “blue light” also creates skin damage. Yes, even if you are protected from sunlight, blue light also causes damage to your skin.

Here I will explain it better to you …

Blue light or High Energy Visible light (HEV light) emitted by electronic screens affects skin cells in a dose-dependent manner, through mechanisms comparable to those of UV rays. This was not something significant before, but now it is, since many must spend more time than usual in front of this type of light.What harmful effects does blue light cause on the skin? It is called “digital aging” because it damages skin cells in three ways:

● Oxidative damage. Blue light stimulates the formation of free radicals, which are one of the main causes of aging.

● Melanogenesis.
This means that it causes an excess production of melanin, bone pigment of the skin, which produces spots and hyperpigmentation.

● Collagen and elastin deficiency. Blue light activates matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) which are enzymes that damage structural proteins in the skin.

● Skin cancer.

They seem to be the same damage that UV rays cause, right? Unfortunately, there is no acceptable amount of time to avoid causing skin damage. While you are in front of your cell phone, computer or television you will be receiving this damage as if you were exposed to the sun. In a study carried out, it has been found that in one hour in front of the monitor it causes cell death and the formation of free radicals.

There are remedies to avoid blue light damage just as there are to avoid sun damage. One of them is the “Anti-blue light filter”. There are several moisturizing products that contain these types of filters to protect the skin, not only from UV rays but also from blue light.If you must spend a lot of time in front of the monitor or if you are one of those who cannot live without your cell phone, then choose a moisturizer with these types of active ingredients that protect you from blue light, UVB and UVA, an anti-pollution filter and anti-stress active ingredients. The perfect shield. Normally, this active is obtained from the cocoa bean.

Does my sunscreen protect me from blue light? Some sunscreens may be able to protect you from blue light, but they don’t necessarily have to. Since they are manufactured to fight against UV rays, it is better to choose a product that can protect you from both radiation. Another thing you can do is spend less time in front of the monitor, but if you can’t, then choose the other method.

Do you want to know if your cleaning routine is correct?

1- Choose a cleanser that does not leave your skin stiff or tight, if your cleanser does this, then it is an aggressive cleanser for your skin, it is destroying the lipids and natural proteins of the skin.

2- Apply an exfoliating acid that does not need rinsing such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid or mandelic acid, these illuminate, homogenize the skin and prevent hundreds of problems such as acne, blackheads or enlarged pores.

3- Do not forget your moisturizer, according to the needs of the skin. Give preference to those that are rich in vitamin C, E, ferulic acid, resveratrol, or hyaluronic acid.

4- This should be done in the morning and at night !!! So you know dear friend, the light from electronic screens damages your skin equally. Make sure you protect your skin well.Radiation inside the home? How? The quarantine has lasted just over a year now and many have had to take their work home. Which means that they have to spend more time in front of the monitor than before, but …

Did you know that the light radiated by electronic screens damages your skin? Yes, they cause the same oxidative damage as sunlight! Sucks, doesn’t it? The “blue light” radiated by electronic screens causes oxidative damage, cell death, excess melanin, among other things. But, don’t wrinkle! There are two ways to combat this type of radiation. There are moisturizers and sunblocks that contain active ingredients derived from the cocoa bean that protect the skin from blue light as well as UV rays, look for one that specifies that it has protection against blue light or High Energy Visible light (HEV light), one hour is enough to cause damage to your skin. Another method is to spend less time in front of the monitor.

Choose to protect yourself.


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