Q&A: Skin Care

There is one thing that we know is necessary by law: the use of sunscreen. But on the other hand, other questions may arise that we have not answered. That is why I bring you this section from time to time. I hope I have been able to answer any of your questions.

  1. Is radiation that leaves skin tanned the same as radiation that causes skin cancer?

A: Yes. UVB and UVA rays are always related to skin pigmentation, as well as cell aging. They are dangerous in great quantities. Be sure to use a sunscreen that contains protection for both types of radiation.

  1. Can you trust makeup with sunscreen?

A: My other profession is MUA (makeup artist), so I have experimented with different types of makeup bases, which are the ones that promise to have sunscreen in their formulas. And sadly, no. Makeup that promises sun protection cannot be trusted. On one occasion, I tested 10 types of foundation that claimed to have sun protection. Only 1 out of 10 actually had sunscreen. So even if your makeup says it has sunscreen, feel free to use a separate sunscreen.

  1. Do sunscreens prevent skin from tanning?

A: Sunscreens extend the time a person can be in the sun without burning from radiation. That does not mean that you can be exposed to the sun for hours and that nothing will happen. You will need to touch up your sunscreen if you must spend time in the sun. Although this is not recommended at all.

  1. Does the sun also damage hair?

A: Yes. The sun’s rays damage everything that is exposed. Skin, hair, clothing, etc.

  1. Should you use sunscreen on your lips?

A: Yes. The lips are one of the most sensitive areas of our skin. They do not moisturize on their own and the skin is very thin. So extra care must be taken.


The sun’s rays are a mystery to many people. Not everyone knows or not everyone takes seriously the damage they can cause to our body. It is not only external damage, but also internal. Since they modify the life of our cells. If you have any questions about skin care, masks, makeup, etc. Do not hesitate to contact me.

I would be happy to help. 


Thank you and until next time!


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