Processed Foods

Are They Really That Bad?

Poor nutrition is one of the main causes of pathologies and health problems around the world. And this poor nutrition weighs heavily in processed foods. These types of foods contain high amounts of low-quality fats, sugars, and salt, very little dietary fiber, and a negligible amount of beneficial nutrients.To make a food product that is rich and attractive in appearance, raw produce often undergoes various types of modifications, such as washing, cutting, freezing, and packaging.On many occasions, other types of ingredients are added to increase the flavor and texture of these chemically processed products. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between the types of processed foods that exist and about the effects that these have on health. 

How to identify these types of processed foods?

Unprocessed foods are those that include edible portions of plants and animals that are naturally available.

Food minimally processed
undergo processing steps soft, for conservation purposes. By which it means that the nutritional value of these foods is minimally altered.

Culinary processed foods
products are subjected to various processing steps such as pressing, milling, refining and drying. These items include butters, oils, sugars, salts, or flours.

Processed foods
are prepared from food category 1 or 2, adding additives such as salt, sugar and fat, such as canned meat, cheese, bread, etc. Generally, they are products that are ready to eat.

Highly processed foods
are mainly manufactured in a factory from ingredients obtained from food additives, such as soda, chips, cookies, etc.

Is it healthy to eat processed foods?

There are many scientific studies that confirm that daily consumption or in large quantities of these processed foods can increase the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, cancer and cerebrovascular diseases. They can also indirectly affect the cardiovascular system, since they reduce the consumption of unprocessed or minimally processed foods that are highly nutritious, since they contain a greater number of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients.

Imagine that your car asks you to use a type of semi synthetic oil for the proper functioning of the engine, but you add a conventional oil, what do you think will happen? it is more than clear that the engine of your car will stop working properly in a very short time. The same happens with our body. Our body needs the necessary nutrients for our organs to function properly, only in this case, it is of much more importance, since the only thing that your car will cause is that you walk or take a taxi to go somewhere, instead, your body will get sick and in severe cases, you yourself can cause your own death.

Therefore, love yourself and pamper yourself, give your body what it needs, in the end, the benefits will only be for you.


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