The plant of women

Oenothera biennis by its scientific name, is better known as primrose primrose, “the plant of women”. Why? Well,this is because of the properties thatthis plant has and that are beneficial, mainly, for women. It originates from North America, has been used by American Indians for several centuries, and was introduced to Europe in the early 17th century. It occurs in temperate climates and is occasionally seen on the side of roads. Evening primrose essential oil is obtained from the cold pressing of its fruit. Its root has a pleasanttaste on the palate, medium sweet and its leaves are often used in food to give a rich aroma to meals or desserts. From the root you can also make infusions or find evening primrose extractin capsule form.


But let me tell you about its properties …

The oil extract from the evening primrose seed is rich in essential oils (linoleic, linolenic and oleic), fatty acids such as Omega 6, Omega 3, saturated fatty acids (palmitic and stearic), between a 1% and 2% unsaponifiable (b-sitosterol, citrostadienol) and vitamin E, in addition to gamma-linolenic acid, which is relatively rare in nature, being found in high concentrations in few species, among them borage and black currant.


This is excellent! Well, these fatty acids cannot be produced by our body by itself, we must ingest them through food, and what better way than in this way.


“Evening primrose has great benefits in gynecology and is used both in menopause and in the regulation of menstruation. So far all its effects are beneficial and no toxicity is known. ” Dra. Carmen Martinez. However, it can have side effects by producing adverse stomach reactions such as nausea or discomfort and headaches. It should not be ingested if you suffer from epilepsy.


Other properties that evening primrose gives us is thatitimproves the acne problem, reduces blood pressure and improves eczema on the skin. Its high content of gamma-linoleic acid contributes to the secretion of prostaglandin E1, a hormone thatreduces inflammatory processes. This helps decrease swelling in the belly, breasttenderness, and fight depression or irritability. But not everything is beneficial for women only, evening primrose has also been used to treatimpotence problems in men, as itimproves blood flow to the penis. This also treats baldness problems if this condition is due to poor circulation. Itreduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and its anticoagulant properties, favors the dilation of the arteries and prevents problems such as phlebitis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins or even hypertension. Its contentin Omega 6 is beneficial forthe proper functioning of neurons and chemicaltransmissions. It keeps insulin levels stable which causes a very positive resultin diabetes problems.


But … Only in this way does evening primrose oil bring us benefits?
No! Well, we obtain these benefits by consuming it, and topically? Currently,the cosmetics industry is adding evening primrose extractin their formulas, and of course!

– Goodbye acne. Evening primrose oil has an anti-inflammatory action and this helps to improve acne and eliminate it, either due to skin or hormonal problems. It also regulates the production of sebum on the face, which is super beneficial for faces with these conditions. – Natural moisturizer. It deeply nourishes and hydrates without clogging pores, and this locks in moisture on the face, leaving a healthier, younger-looking appearance longer throughoutthe day.

– Antioxidant Its antioxidant properties contribute to the fight againstthe damage caused by annoying free radicals, evening primrose oil stimulates the production of collagen and elastin,thus minimizing the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines.

– Cell regenerator. In addition to reducing the signs of aging, it also stimulates cell regeneration thanks to its content of Vitamin E,rememberthatthis vitamin is an ally of our skin.

– Redness, rosacea? As itis a powerful moisturizerthatretains moisture in the skin, it treats and helps the problems of redness orrosacea, alleviating the burning or stinging sensation.

– Bad pigmentation.
As we know, spots on the face are the result of free radicals or prolonged exposure to the sun, butthis oil also helps to leave a uniform tone on the face and neck, lightening those spots untilthey are completely erased.

It almost seems thatthis plant was designed for us, but nowadays, men also take care of themselves justlike us, and that’s great. We can enjoy the benefits of this plantif we wish. The cost of evening primrose oil is very accessible and we can buy itin online stores or even pharmacies, you can increase the benefits by combining it with otheringredients, forthat we already have a wide variety of cosmetics or skin care products.


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