Potassium and Minerals

Potassium and other minerals …

Potassium is the third most abundant mineral in our metabolism, it is found in the blood and is obtained from certain foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Its function is to improve communication between the nerves of the muscles, the circulation of nutrients from the cells and to expel waste from them. A diet rich in potassium helps to counteract some of the harmful effects of sodium on blood pressure.


The main sources of potassium are mainly:

– Green leafy vegetables
– Fruits of the Vine, such as grapes or blackberries
– Vegetables, such as potatoes or carrots, among other
– Citrus fruits, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, limes etc.
– Dairy
– Nuts
– Meat and fish


How does potassium help us in our body It

– Breaks down and uses carbohydrates
– Control of the electrical activity of the heart and acid base balance Protein
– Production
– Reduces the negative effects of sodium
– Regulates the water level in the body
– Development of muscles and body growth


How does it affect us if we do not consume the recommended amount of potassium?

The effects that lack of potassium has on our body have been investigated, here are some of them …

High blood pressure and stroke
People with less potassium, they are at risk for problems like high blood pressure.

Kidney stones Without the necessary amount of potassium, you can reduce calcium in the bones and increase the amount of calcium in the urine, which leads to developing kidney stone problems.

Bone health
As is well known, potassium helps our bones to be strong and healthy, by not consuming enough potassium, our bones weaken to the point of suffering joints or broken bones.

Blood sugar
A low intake of potassium increases the concentration of sugar in the blood. This increases the risk of developing insulin resistance and causing type 2 diabetes.


Is it harmful?
Excess potassium is excreted in the urine, but people with chronic kidney disease and who use certain medications may have abnormally high levels of potassium in his blood. Therefore, you should be vigilant if you suffer from any chronic kidney disease. Always inform the trusted doctor, there are some medications that interact with potassium. Mostly those that are to treat kidney problems or high blood pressure.


The extra of minerals

For a long time, man has used natural products to protect himself. Some minerals fulfill important functions, acting as catalysts in defense mechanisms and in the repair of damaged skin. For example, some minerals such as silicon, copper, sulfur, magnesium, iodine, zinc or iron, are essential for cell renewal and skin stimulation. Now we can not only obtain potassium only from food, there are also other ways such as topical Nowadays, there are more products that are made based on potassium and other minerals, and they do wonders on our skin, as well as what they do in our body.


For example …

Copper allows the body to use tyrosine, an amino acid which influences the pigmentation of the skin. Its deficiency causes the inappropriate formation of elastin. We can buy it in whole foods. The paleness of the skin is caused by the lack of iron, an adult needs at least 8 to 10 milligrams daily. In one month, women of menstrual age lose twice as much iron as men.

Selenium has an antioxidant action on our skin, it protects cell membranes against damage caused by oxidation of free radicals.

The zinc, on the other hand, is essential for protein synthesis, mainly of collagen.

Sulfur keeps hair, skin and nails strong and healthy,addition to treating acne problems.

Silicon stimulates collagen formation, improves elasticity and skin density.

A powerful rejuvenator of the skin is magnesium, it improves the functioning of the glands, important for the metabolism of facial cells.

Potassium nourishes the skin and hydrates depth, regulates osmosis and balance water.


Now that we know what potassium and other minerals can bring us, let’s consider filling our fridge with fruits and vegetables.


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