pH on the skin, what type of products
should I choose for my face?

What type of products should I choose for my face?

Have you heard about the pH concentration in your skin? It’s a bit messy isn’t it? pH is a scale that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is, for example, a pH of 0 to 6 indicates that the substance is acidic, a 7 means that it is neutral, and 8 to 14 is an alkaline substance. Your skin contains an acidic pH of 4 to 6, which many call an “acid mantle” because it has important functions that protect the skin.

The pH must be kept within the same range so as not to alter that protective barrier on the skin and to maintain its antimicrobial functions. If your skin reaches an alkaline pH this could have consequences such as that certain enzymes are activated and destroy proteins in the skin and the antimicrobial peptides remain inactive. That is why it is important to know how to choose the products that are used for the face and preferably that they specify that they keep the pH in control. One of the products that we commonly use is soap and any soap for body use can have an alkaline pH, that is, super high and of course this unbalances the pH of the face. It brings with it dehydration in the skin, weakening of the antimicrobial resources and even causes dermatitis and acne.

The pH of the skin must be acidic (0 – 6) because this is what keeps the skin flora controlled, maintains a protective barrier, keeps the skin hydrated and protected from microbes and bacteria. Choose products that contain an acidic pH and that strengthen the skin’s barrier, avoid those that are neutral and alkaline. Look at the labels that say Alpha Hydroxy acids such as glycolic or mandelic acid, Polyhydroxy acids such as gluconolactone, ascorbic acid and hyaluronic acid. Be careful with the cleanser you use on your face, regular bar soaps tend to have a high alkaline pH which causes damage to the skin, for example, if you use soap and it leaves a stiff feeling on your face, then it is too aggressive and it is hurting you. To the garbage!  Better choose those that are soft and as I said before, that contain an acidic pH.



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