What are they and why are they so dangerous?

More than half of the cosmetics sold in Canada and the United States contain a toxic industrial compound that is associated with serious health problems. Including cancer and low birth weight. According to a study carried out. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame conducted various tests on more than 200 commonly used cosmetics. And they found 56% fluoride in makeup foundations and eye products, 48% in lip products, and 47% in mascara. An indicator that they have perfluoroalkylated and polyfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS). Which are also used in non-stick pans, rugs, and many consumer products.

The waterproof mascara 82% and long-lasting lipsticks 62%, are the highest results of PFAS. “There is nothing safe and nothing good about PFAS,” says Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal. Who introduced the cosmetics initiative along with Republican Sen. Susan Collins. “These chemicals are a hidden threat in plain sight that people literally put on their faces every day.”

Although the study does not mention specific brands or companies, we must be more careful. An easy way to identify these potentially dangerous ingredients is to search for the term “fluorine” or normal perfluoro dimethicone, perfluorodecalin. You should also look for the acronym PTFE. If you find these ingredients, don’t panic. The study indicates that absorption of these chemicals through the skin is not considered a major route of exposure.

However, absorption can be increased if applied to areas where the skin is thinner, such as around the eyes or lips.

We do not yet know how much we are exposed through cosmetics or what effects it has at the moment. But it is concerning that the use of these ingredients is so widespread and that so many of the major brands use them.


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