Palmitoyl -1 Tripeptide

This peptide is made up of 3 amino acids as its name implies, TRI peptide. It is made up of glycine, histidine, and lysine, another way of calling it, GHK. The GHK stimulates the perimeter of feedback, which triggers the production of new collagen and other components of the skin. When key skin cells (fibroblasts) detect elevated levels of GHK, they “think” that the skin matrix loses collagen at a more advanced rate and begins to create collagen more strongly. Making this a favorable effect for the skin. Well, it eliminates wrinkles, fine lines and leaves more elasticity in the skin. These play a very important role in the products that are for skin care, as they are the main responsible for erasing those annoying wrinkles on the face.


Glycosaminoglycans are functional and structural biomolecules found primarily in connective tissue, epithelial tissues, bone, and the intracellular environment. In Addition to eliminating expression lines, it reduces spots on the skin, whether caused by age, the sun or free radicals, leaving a uniform, smooth and firm tone on the face. Therefore, the appearance of this one is younger. This type of peptide is part of the family of “signal peptides”, since they send signals to fibroblasts so that they begin to synthesize these proteins, the cells that are responsible for producing collagen.


If you are looking to erase these signs of age from your face, choose to use a product that contains these ingredients (peptides), it will only provide you benefits. Of course, before you could do a test to see if your skin accepts the product of your choice, or consult a specialist. The best part is that they do not irritate the skin, which makes it accessible to even the most sensitive skin. With a clearer idea of what this particular tripeptide is and what it does on the face, don’t be scared when you see it on the labels.


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